Odor Reducing Stoma Ostomy Pouch and Bag Covers

StomaCloak is scientifically developed to provide more benefits than the typical ostomy pouch cover. Combining a sleek design with lifestyle changing technology, StomaCloak gives you reassurance that your ostomy pouch will look, feel and smell good everyday.

Top 5 Reasons You Can Be Confident with StomaCloak for your Ostomy or Stoma Bag. “The Security of Knowing”

Odor Control - Stomacloak

Odor Control

StomaCloak adsorbs odor molecules! This means instead of covering up ostomy bag odors, StomaCloak’s unique technology actively changes the odor molecule, removing the odor. Read more about StomaCloak’s Odor removing qualities. 

Leak Prevention - Stomcloak

Leak Prevention

Your StomaCloak is the first defense against leaks. StomaCloak fits completely around your appliance bag with its envelope enclosure. If something happens to your appliance (such as a clip or spigot failure) you have time to get to the restroom before you have a mess on your clothes.

Prevent Bacterial Growth - Stomacloak

Prevent Bacterial Growth

Caring for the skin around the area of your ostomy is extremely important for long-term health. An antimicrobial inside the StomaCloak is specifically designed to prevent bacterial growth while wicking away moisture. When you are comfortably wearing a StomaCloak, you can be confident that your skin will stay healthy!

Moisture Control - Stomacloak

Moisture Control

Moisture around or on your plastic ostomy pouch can create a number of problems. Moisture can loosen the glue of adhesive materials holding the bag to your abdomen. StomaCloak wicks away moisture allowing your equipment to stay in place! Created to fit perfectly with active lifestyles, you can swim, run, and shower with confidence. Simply pat your ostomy pouch dry, slip your Stoma Cloak on, and go! Your skin and clothes will remain dry.

Noise Reduction - Stomacloak

Noise Reduction

Any ostomy patient knows the crunchy sounds that the plastic pouch can make. StomaCloak muffles the sound with its smooth, comfortable fabric, allowing you to be comfortable and confident in your life!

Beige and Black StomaCloak Stoma Ostomy Pouch and Bag Covers
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Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society - Stomacloak

StomaCloak is designed for easy use and easy care! Wash your StomaCloak in your washing machine with normal laundry soap and then dry with heat in the dryer. Once your StomaCloak is re-activated for use, pull it around your stoma appliance bag.

How To Use StomaCloak
How To Care For StomaCloak

With all these great benefits, there is still more to love about StomaCloak! Here are a few more points that you may be excited to learn:

  • Designed by physician ostomate and CWOCN nurse recommended for ostomy patients
  • Fits over Hollister, ConvaTec, Coloplast, Nu-Hope and other ostomy collection bags
  • Latex free custom sized ring for a secure fit around one and two-piece ostomy bags
  • Impregnated with activated carbon, zeolite, and antimicrobials
  • Significantly reduces human waste odor associated with ostomy procedures
  • Antimicrobials to wick away moisture and inhibit bacterial growth
  • Comfortable, soft fabric to protect skin
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Reactivate carbon with heat in a dryer for 30 minutes
  • Machine washable 30-plus washings
  • Three ostomy pouch and bag covers last for one year, under normal use

StomaCloak® Ostomy Bag Cover Featuring Odor Capture Technology

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