If only Grandma had a StomaCloak!

I remember driving the four hours to my dad’s family farm when I was young. It was my favorite place on earth. Grandma and Grandpa had about a square mile of hilly upper Michigan property

Helping Heal a Healer

What happens when the physician becomes the patient? What if the physician is a urologist and the disease he has is something he has treated before? Joseph Salisz can explain what happens because he’s been

Finishing the race together is all that matters!

Last weekend, I had the honor of running the Muskegon Seaway 5K (3.2 miles) race with a great friend. Really, in retrospect, there were many in the 1500 runners that I knew, but Greg is a friend! Greg is a natural runner. Even at 59 years old, he can walk up to a starting line and whip out 3 miles without having practiced.